Introducing KixCare….

KixCare was started by parents for parents. Families can thrive when they’re supported by a village of collaborative care and our mission is to make this accessible for all Canadian families. Our team of expert Pediatricians and Pediatric Experts provide face-to-face virtual appointments that help your kids live their healthiest and happiest lives, 7 days a week.

  • Virtual appointments on your family’s schedule 7 days a week, even after your usual walk-in clinic closes
  • A wide range of pediatric and maternal care specialists, including sleep consultants, mental health professionals, concussion experts and lactation consultants
  • Referrals, prescriptions, doctor’s notes and more

KixCare was founded in 2021, with a mission to provide all Canadian kids with access to quality pediatric care. The founding team consists of healthcare veterans, including Dr. Sheldon Elman, a family physician with over 45 years of experience in healthcare, Dr. Harley Eisman, the chief medical officer of KixCare and the medical director of pediatric emergency services at Montreal Children’s Hospital with over 25 years of experience as a physician.

The company overall offers a revolutionary platform that helps to connect parents and their little ones with pediatric telehealth services which has a primary goal of enabling and allowing access to high quality care for Canadian children within Ontario and Quebec. The team is here to make it all better, together!

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