Introducing Magic Circle Preschool…

The Magic Circle bilingual preschool program has been perfected over 3 decades, prioritizing ‘learning through play’, just as the Québec educational plan prescribes, to favor their global development.

We have a magical classroom and we encourage children to choose from our 8 “playing to learn stations’’. When children can choose how they will spend their time, they develop qualities such as:

  • autonomy
  • judgment
  • independent decision-making 
  • social interaction & sharing
  • initiative
  • exploration 
  • creativity

Our program encourages children to develop a reasonable amount of cooperation as they begin to understand group behaviour and to be part of a group of peers.

Children thrive off of knowing what comes next, therefore we establish daily routines and smooth transitions from one activity to another.  Our class is upbeat, fun, positive, safe & loving.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be located inside an elementary school! Though we have our own space, entrance, and bathrooms, we get to share the gym and library! Also, being in an elementary school allows children to see the day-to-day and prepares them for that next step. This way, the hustle & bustle of kindergarten can be less overwhelming.

Why do we play so much?​

Play cultivates cognitive development as childrens’ thinking abilities are stretched. Play encourages new language as they interact with peers, learn new words, and evolve their speech.  The physical activity in play helps develop their motor skills. 

Play also helps children work through emotions and learn teamwork. Since play has an inventive nature, it promotes creativity and exploration. Play is spontaneous and there is no expected outcome which means it’s all in the childrens’ hands!

We have an amazing community of families who love to connect from time to time when we do field trips or celebrate a special event. Reach out to us to learn more about our Magic Circle Bilingual preschool program.

Magic Circle Preschool

Sherbrooke Academy Senior Elementary School

313 Windermere Road

 Beaconsfield, Québec, H9W 1W1

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