Introducing Montreal Fire truck Events

Montreal Fire Truck Events is one of the most unique party entertainment & shuttle service providers serving Montreal and surrounding area. This company offers a fun firefighter-themed entertainment experience for children and adults young at heart! Their mission is to combine fire safety education & fun so whether they are hired to entertain at a child’s birthday party with their friends or shuttle a group to a special engagement, an authentic firefighter experience will not disappoint!


At the core of the business is a beautiful and fully functional 10-person fire engine, but that’s just the beginning. For children’s parties, the team of trained firefighters arrive in uniform and provide an experience of a lifetime by engaging party-goers teaching them the

importance of fire safety, explain what its really like to be a firefighter, put them through a fun obstacle course and the best part is that the kids get to dress up as firefighters and go for a ride on the truck!


Visit their website ( for details on their party packages & pricing or check out their Facebook page ( to see their promotional video & photos from their past events.