Is Your Toddler Ready For The Potty?

⭐️ Is your toddler ready for the potty? These are just a few questions that you can ask yourself to see if your toddler is ready. More below  
When we go with our toddlers’ cues for the potty, we are encouraging and teaching without shame. We cannot be in control of our children’s bodies. There are 3 thing things that we cannot force children to do:

🥘 EAT 





But! We can teach them the proper tools to do these things!

▪️Fewer wet diapers?
▪️Can they pull their diaper up and down?

▪️Do they follow simple instructions?
▪️Understand toilet language?

▪️Curious bystander when you are going?
▪️Asking to use the potty? Showing interest in the stories you read them?▪️Typical response to a rule or instruction? Ex: asking to “go” in the bathroom even with a pull up on.

Our job as parents is to understand that children develop at their own pace and there should be no shame or mom guilt! What we can do is have a supportive environment for our toddler and make it child friendly. Keep in mind these are big changes for our little ones!Avoid power struggles! Toddlers love to be in control – remember we can’t make them go and the more we try the more they will exercise their power. Keep it cool throughout the process – no crazy rewards and no punishments.And always celebrate the small successes along the way! 


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