Mindful Art Camp with TransformART

The MINDFUL ART Camp for teens will be held in the mornings with optional activities to take home every day.  Each week will focus on a different kind of art and always with the MINDFULNESS component in mind.  It is aimed for teens between 13 and 15 years old to empower and guide them to find joy and peace, developing a habit of creating to release their emotions and find inspiration for their future. 


Mindfulness:  it is a practice that develops the awareness of emotions, physical sensations and thoughts.  It is an ability that can be exercised to reflect to make the most of life despite any circumstances.

Art: the creative process that naturally has meditative components and fosters the release of tension and emotions.

The combination of both, known as MINDFUL ART, is a wonderful way to stay in the present, find calmness  and liberate emotions creating the space for new thoughts and feelings.

After being inside our homes for the past year, with zoom sessions and alienated from interacting with others, our teens have been suffering a lot of anxiety and stress.  It will be nice to have the chance to go out, disconnect from electronic devices and just make art surrounded by nature.  


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