Registration is now open for Girl Guides 2022-2023

When girls join Girl Guides, they can count on growing – whether that’s through forming new friendships, learning new skills or discovering new things about themselves, Girl Guides makes it all possible. Joanne Cardinal, a volunteer with Girl Guides for more than 20 years, says seeing girls learn about themselves and each other is what she finds most rewarding. “As a Girl Guide volunteer, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to see girls form new relationships, grow in confidence and find joy from the many activities we do.”

Girls aged five to 17 are encouraged to use their own talents and discover new ones with Girl Guides. “It’s amazing to be able to be there as they explore who they are and what their interests are,” Cardinal says. “I’ve seen girls grow from shy youth to leaders willing to share their interests and ideas with others.” Whether designing a secret hideout, cooking over a campfire or connecting with women leaders in the community, girls find joy in the chance to follow their curiosity wherever it leads them.

These unique experiences are all shared with new friends and the dedicated volunteers who cheer them on every step of the way. Cardinal loves to see these supportive interactions between the girls in her unit and their community. “It’s incredible to be there when girls are introduced to new people from different walks of life and see firsthand how they learn to communicate their needs, beliefs and dreams with others.” 

For those who might be interested in volunteering, Cardinal says the rewards last a lifetime. “The friends you meet and the girls that you open doors for along their journey will be forever rewarding.”

Registration for Girl Guides is now open for 2022-2023. Visit