Say Hello to Afroditi Bakery

The 40 year-old cornerstone Afroditi Bakery arrives to the West Island!


The family run business Patisserie Afroditi that has been serving its community with high-quality traditional Greek and French pastries since 1971, has now come to serve the West Island!

The newest addition, Afroditi Sources opens its doors right in the heart of the West Island at 3480 Sources (in strip mall corner De Salaberry). You can enjoy delicious pastries on the spot, like their famous baklava or homemade spanakopita, all while sipping on a nice warm latte. Afroditi Sources is the latest family hot spot in the West Island.


There is a wide selection of pastries, baked good, beautiful cakes for any special occasion and many imported products from Greece.

  • Afroditi Sources is located at 3480 Sources Boulevard in DDO.
  • Afroditi Bakery is located at 756 St-Roch in Parc Ex.
  • Petite Afroditi kiosk can be found in Mourelatos O’Brien.