Say Hello to Big Little Minds!

Welcome to Big Little Minds! Founder, Samantha Ohayon is a certified Child Behavior Specialist through the Early Years Program. Constantly striving to be a positive parent, and to understand children’s behavior has always been a top priority of Samantha’s. Since completing the Early Years Program, she is now able to confidently utilize her knowledge in order to empower parents and guardians with their specific needs and respective situations. As a Child Behavior Specialist working with families, Samantha is able to meet with parents to discuss specific concerns as well as various strategies that can be used that help foster a positive parenting approach and create personalized plans in order to help support and inspire each unique family. Samantha has always had a passion for learning about children, their behavior and the way they think. Every child has a unique mind, and she is eager to guide parents and enable positive growth at every stage of development.

Areas of focus that Samantha can discuss with parents are:

  • Effective communication
  • Tantrums
  • Potty Readiness
  • Picky eaters
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Sharing
  • Hitting and biting
  • Understanding AHDH
  • Understanding anxiety
  • Creative ways of saying “no.”
  • Your child’s feelings
  • And much more!

Samantha starts off with a consultation with parents discussing their specific concerns and within 24-48 hours, she will send a detailed written recap of positive parenting tools and strategies that parents can used as “teachable moments” with their children. Through daily plans and detailed exercises, Samantha will work together with families to understand their children’s motivations and encourage understanding and growth. The collective goal is to ensure parents use these approaches and more in order to feel a sense of relief and positivity each and every day. Parenting is both rewarding and challenging and as such fostering collaboration with effective communication between child and parent is one of the most important aspects of behavior.

All questions, all parents are welcome! Samantha looks forward to guiding many parents. Positive childhood at every stage. 


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