Say Hello to Energie Active Physio…

West Island Mommies business of the week is Energie Active Physio: a boutique style physiotherapy clinic where we tailor our services to your individual needs.

Are you an athlete looking to rehabilitate and take it to the next level? Are you suffering from back pain? Are you or a family member a senior trying to stay active and independent at home? Maybe you’re a mom who is struggling with incontinence after baby?

Our wonderful team of experienced physiotherapists is available to help you get to living your best life – pain and stress free. We offer individual treatment rooms for all clients, and our large training space allows for safe social distancing while you train. Located in the old Amuze in the Plaza Pointe-Claire next door to our pediatric clinic Kiddo Active Therapy. We are presently offering physiotherapy & pelvic floor physiotherapy and look forward to hearing how we can help you.

Check out to meet our team or call us at 438-792-1200 to schedule an appointment. Also make sure to like our page for upcoming promotions and information: