Say Hello to Garderie Kiddy Kat Inc…

Garderie Kiddy Kat Inc. is a small private daycare serving the community of west island for over ten years. If there is one thing that Kiddy Kat daycare enjoys it is to brighten up your child’s day. Garderie Kiddy Kat Inc. offers a complete program for its clients. The program includes: carefully planned activities (based on the ages of the children and their interest), a hot breakfast for earlier birds, two nutritious snacks, and a full course lunch. All meals are served with milk and water.

Garderie Kiddy Kat Inc. also offers a full educational program inspired by High Scope learning. High Scope learning in simple terms is purposeful play. The routine and activities are all designed to allow the child to be the decision maker. The role of the educator is facilitating the learning process of the child. The Kiddy Kat Educational program was last revised in 2018, and approved by Ministere de la Famille. The kiddy kat educational program was designed with the child in mind. The program focuses on the complete child. The educational program is a guided tool for both educators and parents. It helps them understand the child’s mind, interest, and how to set them up for success.

At Garderie Kiddy Kat, the team of educators and director work very closely with each family. The goal is to ensure that your child is well integrated in the daycare routine at their pace. Every child’s entry into daycare is unique to their development, understanding and mood. The parents are interviewed to learn more about their child’s day to day routine, their favorite toys, activities, favourite meals, and downright to how the child naps at home. These are all very important aspects to learn about your child, as it helps the Kiddy Kat team design a program that meets the specific needs of your child. Kiddy Kat daycare believes in building a strong bond of trust and openness with its families for the best interest of your child.

All staff members at Kiddy Kat daycare are qualified educators. Kiddy Kat daycare also hosts a number of student educators who in return can be future educators at the daycare.  The team itself is very important, and the director herself takes the time to choose the right fit for Kiddy Kat daycare. Call us today at 514-685-7053 to find out how we can accommodate your child.

Kiddy Kat Daycare is excited to bring you its new location currently under construction. You are invited to follow us on our social media page for more up to date information. The daycare itself has very limited spots, we invite you to register your child on La Place 0-5 to reserve them a spot at Kiddy Kat daycare. Visits and registrations will open up in summer of 2021. Call Us today at 514-685-7053 for a consultation.



Instagram: @garderiekiddykat

Phone Number: 514-685-7053