Say Hello to Quinn Farm…

Quinn’s farm has been welcoming families on its land for more than 40 years. It certainly grew, and they are far from the little farm stand they used to be back in the days, but the farm is keeping the family values alive; providing their guests with quality fruits and veggies grown responsibly, an educational and fun experience for all ages, all while helping out the community at large.

What does that really mean? It is a well-known family operated business that grows anything and everything, from strawberries and blueberries to sweet corn, apples and pumpkins to Christmas trees! They also transform everything they grow into delicious homemade products such as preserves, meals, baked goods, and much more.

The farm offers seasonal picking activities as well as educational events. They have an animal barn full of every kid’s favourite; pigs, sheep, bunnies, chicken, cows and goats. And the play yard will keep small and big kids entertained for hours, with a pedal-kart track, slides, a real life combine, and many tractors to sit and play pretend on! A tractor ride to the fields is offered in season, they have a snack barn, a picnic area, a farm shop, and much more.

Whether you are looking for your new favourite shop, or to get your hands dirty and pick your own fruits and veggies, a place for the kids to play and learn, or your next family tradition, Quinn Farm has it all!

Head over to the website and book your berry picking day today! Click HERE.

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