West Island DadPreneur: Jason Bolanis of Terranian Productions

We are so excited to spice up our weekly feature- MomPreneur. Since Father’s day is in June, I felt it was important to feature some amazing DadPreneurs for the month of June. Every week we will feature a local west island dad that has his own business and lives in the west island. It’s so important to support local and after the year we have had, we need to support our community more than ever. The month of June features, are sponsored by Steak Bleu.

We are so excited to introduce you to our First DadPreneur : Jason Bolanis of Terranian Productions. Read all about this amazing DadPreneur.

  1. What is the name of your business and what is it about?

Terranian Productions – We are a video production company, based out of Pointe-Claire.

2. How long have you been an entrepreneur and why did you become one?

I’ve been building this business since 2007. I started the business when I still had a full time job, not to have something to fall back on, but to fulfill the creative buzz that was constantly brewing inside me. Eventually I turned my side gig into a full time job. Growing up, I watched my father run his business the way he wanted and at a rate he felt comfortable & I was always attracted to that idea. In my head, I always measure professional success with how much I had to do with the final product/project, rather than the money I made.

3. What advice would you give to a Dad  considering opening their own business?

In the beginning, assuming that you’re starting from scratch, the time you will have available to your family with ultimately shift as your business becomes more successful. Try to always be aware how often you’re not home to help put the kids to sleep or how many suppers you’ve missed. It becomes very easy to work late because as a business owner, your day job never really ends.

4. Seeing we are all about our West Island Community, where are your Go to places?

Because my kids are still young & have early bed times, my wife & I have find great joy in the simple order in & a Netflix show. We enjoy ordering from Marathon Souvlaki, Scarolies & some vegetarian sushi from IGA (which may upset some people) because it’s a quick buy when we’re buying groceries.

My studio is in the Pointe-Claire Plaza, so if I need a quick creative break, I enjoy cruising through Bluenose, Ted’s Hobby Shop & the Vintage store because I’ve very nostalgic.

Walking down to Crèmerie Valois is a great pastime with the family. It’s a nice walk from my house.

5. To wrap up, what are your must have items that you use or need everyday….

1 – Colour coded notebooks. – Divide your work to dos with your home to dos & your personal goal to dos.

2 – Cloths/shoes in the office. – You never know when you’ll have to unexpectedly see a client where you may have to look a little more sharp than how you walked into your office.

3 – Soda Stream – As most of my dat is in a creative work flow…my instinctual reaction is to eat. The Soda Stream helps me replace that urge.

4 – Record player/collection – Movies, TV Shows, YouTube, Social Media are huge distractions & to cut it all out, I enjoy zoning out with an old school band unrelated to present day living. Forces me to stay concentrated on something for 40 minutes.

5 –  My Razor (head & face)- This may sound ridiculous, but being a father of four & having a business where shoots & client meetings could come up at any time…I have to always be ready to look as fresh looking as possible.

Social Media and Website Links

Website: www.terranianproductions.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/terranianproductions

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pre40bucketlist

Instagram – @Terranianproductons  @jasonbolanis