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Ever thought about hiring a doula for your childbirth? Well read all about the experiences of some other mama’s with Cris at the Passionate Doula.

From the minute I got on my first call with Cris, I knew almost right away that I was going to choose her as my doula.

Instantly you could tell how passionate she is about what she does and how much care and love she puts into her work.

She never judged me once and for that I am grateful.

My baby and I are in great hands

Zoe B.
Montreal, Quebec

Cris is the most incredible gift a mom can have to prepare for child birth! She gave my husband and I the confidence we needed- which no pregnancy book out there will give you! She taught us not only what to expect during labour and delivery, but knowing our rights and the ability to decide what procedures to move forward with or not. We put together an incredible birth plan, which the hospital respected and admired. She supported me post delivery with any questions or concerns I had. I recommend every couple treat themselves to Mrs. Cris The Passionate Doula! We are so blessed to have had her part of our journey! 💕

Ally & EliasMontreal, Quebec

I always assumed a doula meant having someone assist you in a water birth in the comfort of your home without any pain medication  — yikes!  I quickly dismissed the need. However, I didn’t have a great birthing experience with my first child so, when I got pregnant with my second, I was compelled to find a way to enjoy the birthing process more.
Cue: Cris Baluch! Cris perfectly explained what her role would entail for all three processes: prenatal, during the birth and postpartum. Most importantly, she understood how important it was for me to attempt a VBAC and she vowed to help me through it.
The entire experience was fantastic. Cris provided me the confidence I needed and I managed to have the birth I was hoping for in record timing!
Having Cris, gave me the support I needed. You don’t realize how badly you want someone who has followed you closely in your pregnancy to be a part of your birth. It is such a personal moment. And it takes someone with compassion and knowledge to help make the experience a beautiful one. So what is a doula? A woman who helps, supports, guides and understands you through one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. A woman who will make it her mission to make it the best birth story. A doula is a friend that you make out of Cris who will be along your motherhood journey. 

Anna & Alex V.Chomeday, Quebec

I am so grateful to have connected with Cris during my first pregnancy. I never knew what a doula was or how important they are. It made me realize how unconnected we are to the birthing experience today. Most women show up at the hospital to give birth and have no idea what is happening to their bodies. I can’t imagine what my pregnancy, birth and even postpartum experience would have been like without Cris. I had my dream birth thanks to the knowledge and strength Cris taught me. Birth should not be a scary or intimidating experience, and that’s what a doula is there to teach you! Her energy, kindness and passion is infectious and she is beyond knowledgeable about everything birth and babies! I could not thank Cris enough for what she has done for me and my family. The first thing I say to any pregnant woman is “you have to meet Cris!”. It is no doubt a life changing experience working with a doula, especially Cris!

Jessika B.
Baie D’Urfé, Quebec

“Cris is the reason I can proudly say, my birth for my 5 month old son was amazing. I found Cris through a referral, and from the first time we spoke, I knew I needed her to be part of my pregnancy/birth journey. She made my spouse and I feel so comfortable and reassured. I knew I wanted a Doula to be apart of my birth, but I never realized how much I would truly benefit from the whole experience. The educational classes she provided gave my spouse way more confidence to support me when the time came to birth my son. She always listened to our fears, helped educate us on anything we brought up and truly took our fear out of birth. My son ended up being 6 weeks premature. Cris made it to my birth and welcomed my son into this world with us. My birth was a really magical moment to remember, that we still say would never have been the same without her by our side. Her knowledge on breastfeeding and continuous encouragement continues to help me successfully still be exclusively breastfeeding my almost 6 month old boy! If anyone is ever scared, unsure or just wants more information, then hiring a doula, especially Cris, would be my number one recommendation. She is an absolute dream” 

Christina & Justin K.Vaudreuil, Quebec

We hired Cris for prenatal courses, postpartum visits and to attend the birth of our baby as our Doula. Due to complications with our pregnancy and COVID, our baby came early and Cris wasn’t allowed to attend our birth and we were not able to complete our courses. Despite all this, Cris made sure to provide as much support as possible. She made sure she was available after the delivery for anything and everything we needed her for. We absolutely loved working with Cris. She was always super supportive of all of our decisions and we were always laughing. You can tell how passionate she is about being a doula and how much she truly cares for her clients. She even gives the best postpartum massages!

Deirdre & Sean C.Hudson, Quebec

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