What is évoilà5?

Are you sick of the same old supper dishes like we were? Well that’s what where we were at a few weeks ago until we were introduced to évoilà5 . What’s évoilà5 ?

“évoilà5 is a unique concept that provides five balanced ready to cook nutritionist approved meals per week. No more long grocery lists, no more digging for recipes and no more lack of ideas… évoilà5 takes care of everything! Thanks to our ingenious meal bags, cooking dinner has never been easier or more fun. Spend more time with your family and start enjoying fresh meals made daily!”

Every week, we tend to have the same old dinner dishes. Lucky for me I have a fussy 12yr old who tends to not want to try anything new. When my husband and I decided to pick up a week’s worth of food from evoila5, we looked at the menu ahead of time. It included many meats we already ate but with a twist. I knew we would love the process of having all the ingredients at our fingertips.

I picked up our 5 bags of meals and anxiously could not wait to try out these delicious meals.

My 12 yr old daughter was excited to help with the cooking process. All 3 of us were in the kitchen together preparing our meal that night. It was lots of fun working together to get our meal ready.

With each meal we receive a recipe card explaining how to prepare the meal. The explanations are easy to follow and the whole family can be involved in the prep of your meal. All the ingredients are fresh and super delicious.

It was so wonderful to have all our meals planned out for the week with the ingredients at our finger tips. What I LOVE most about évoilà5 is that it’s not a Subscription. You are not forced to sign up every week. You can sign up as you wish. You get a weekly email with the menu for the following week and then you can place your order and pick up on the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. In our busy lives, it’s so great to have healthy meals at your fingertips. There is no thinking about what you will have for dinner that night, it’s right there in your fridge and it only takes 30minutes.

They offer different sizes of meals depending on the size of your family.

2 to 3 portions- 94$ (all included)

4 to 5 portions- 135$ (all included)

More than ever we need to support our local businesses. This is a local grown company that has been in business for over 6 years. There are multiple locations all over Quebec with one in our own backyard in Pointe Claire. The process is easy. Order online or call it in, arrange for pick up, pick up your week’s worth of meals and enjoy!

Head over to the website, find a location near you and Order today! I know you will not be disappointed.