What to do with all that leftover Halloween candy…

Got lots of candy left over? Don’t know what to do with it? No problem!  Here are some fun ways you can use that candy and have fun doing it!

Create a fun snack

Open those boxes of Smarties and M&M’s and add in some popcorn, pretzels, nuts. Voila your own Trail Mix.


Use it as Learning Tool
Let kids practice counting or do their math homework with all the little candies. Or open a pack of smarties and have them count them out.



Create an Advent Calendar

This year instead of buying an advent calendar, use your candy to create one. The kids will love it! You can use a large variety of candy and Chocolates.



Arts & Crafts

There are so many fun things you can do with your candy and wrappers. Walk around the dollar store and you will be surprised what you can do with the kids. They have some great items that you can use to create your special pieces. Use the wrappers to decorate a frame or a jewelry box. Take the candy out of the wrapper and glue them on using a glue gun with parental guidance of course. You can also buy a laquer and spray the candy so they are nice and shiny. Check out some of these pieces I created.




Going to visit family, bake some cupcakes and throw some candy on top as toppers. There are tons of recipes where you can add in smarties, M&M’s, and any other chocolates. Make it a fun surprise and your guests will love it.



Trade them in

Give your children a choice. For every pound of candy they give you, they can get a new book or toy. You can even give them a max dollar value per pound. The more candy they trade, the more books they can get.

Use a scale to weigh their candy. Then take the leftover candy to the office and share it with your co-workers. Kids will love this idea!




If all else fails… bring it into the office! Happy Halloween!!