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Last week my daughter and I had the chance to attend the advance screening of  Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. A spin off of Wreck it Ralph, and it did not disappoint. From the moment the movie started, we laughed and laughed. I could not wait to see this movie. I had seen the previews many times and it looked so good. I love the first movie and knew this would be a good one! It was long overdo.

There are so many good parts in this movie I don’t know where to start. Many jokes only parents might get…. especially when Venelope is in the Princess room…. we laughed and laughed during those scenes.

I just love the fact that kids can learn HOW the internet somewhat works. They get to see the good and the bad. The internet is our future and kids really need to understand how it all works. With online bullying so big, this movie shows how people can be mean online and things can go from good to bad fast. With viruses popping up and showing how destructive the internet can really be. The visuals were just amazing.

I love how Ralph was fighting for his friend. Right till the end, he stood up for her and was trying to get her back to her game. I don’t want to spoil the movie, but there are so many teachable moments in this film. It’s great to have a discussion after seeing it about how the internet works and how it’s so real. Sure games are fun and make believe, but social media is real- the internet is real.


This is definitely a must see in my books. A great movie for the whole family. We loved it and I can’t wait to see it again. Opens in Theatres November 21.








The holidays are around the corner. Time to plan ahead and order your child’s very own personalized letter.

Do your kids mail out a letter to santa every year? I know you can send a letter to Santa via Canada post and then they send out a very generic letter to everyone. The same letter over and over again. Well have I got the next best thing for you.

Check out Order your child’s personalized letter from Santa. Right down to the gifts they want and everything. There are many package offerings available with just the letter or some extra added items that will make your child feel special.



You can choose the sample letter or you can send in your own version. You can choose which design you would like and which package. Then come December, your child will receive a beautiful package in the mail. How cool is that??

The prices start at 12.99$ and go up to 34.99$ with so many choices to choose from.  From personalized items to magic reindeer food, your child will be amazed!


Check out my video review on these super cool products. All created by a local mom entrepreneur. Support Local businesses and sign up today for your letter to santa!

You can visit them on Facebook or directly on their site to order.






Recently I met up with a local mom Entrepreneur and learned all about her amazing business called-

How cool would it be for your child to receive a letter in the mail from the tooth fairy? it’s the absolute best mail to receive. She created this product for her own kids and then decided to expand it to everyone as it’s just so cool.

There are different personalized options and packages available to choose from. The basic package includes free shipping as well. You gotta check it out.

Check out our video review on this super cool product. A Must have for your child!



Here are some of the packages available:


Package 1

Tooth Fairy Coin

Personalized Letter with Tooth Fairy Seal and Tooth Fairy Coin (size 38.1 mm, larger than a toonie)

$19.99 cad and includes shipping.


Package 2

Super Tooth Coin


Personalized Letter with Tooth Fairy Seal and Super Tooth Coin (size 38.1 mm, larger than a toonie)

$19.99 Cad and includes Shipping


Package 3

Tooth Fairy Pillow


Personalized Letter with Seal,Coin, Personalized Pillow (7″x7″), Tattoo, Toy, Wand & Signed Card

$29.99 cad plus shipping


Package 4

Super Tooth Pillow


Personalized Letter with Seal,Coin, Personalized Pillow (7″x7″), Tattoo, Toy, Wand & Signed Card

$29.99 cad plus shipping


These are a few of the packages available. There are more options so head over and check out the website for more information.


I was so lucky to attend the advance screening of the Incredibles 2 last night in 3D. I was so excited to see this movie… and it did not disappoint!!!  We have been waiting a long time for this super hero family to return to the big screen. Disney Pixar- did such an amazing job.

This film surrounds Elastigirl and her career as superhero. As a working mom and entrepreneur, I could relate to so much of this film. The MomGuilt is Real! Her need to succeed in the work place for her family is something any mom or dad can relate to. We laughed and laughed throughout this whole movie. I think Jack Jack steals the show…. he is our fave. It picks up right where the last one left off.  So many great things to walk away from this movie. The need for family and working as a team. Everyone has a place and working together will always prevail.

Grab the family and head out this weekend to see this amazing movie by #Disney #Pixar. A Family Favourite!! <3

It comes to theatres Friday June 15th! I almost want to go see it again… and again… and again….  🙂

Check out the full trailer here. You don’t want to miss out on this great family Classic!




Today my family and I headed out to A/Maze at Fairview Pointe Claire for a super fun time in the themed escape room for the new movie ” A wrinkle in time”. We were so excited for our very first experience doing an escape room activity. My 10yr old daughter was super excited and could not wait. Not to mention we are so excited to see Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time movie in theatres on March 9th. This experience is FREE! It’s on for a limited time until March 10th. See more details below.


We got the grand tour of the new location of A/Maze in Fairview Pointe Claire. 3 months ago they moved into a larger space in the mall with lots more room for lots more fun! They are still constructing 2 themed rooms and hope to have them up and running in about a month or so. Here is a sneak peek of the Bank robbery room still under construction. It’s going to be so amazing! The rooms are for Kids 13+ and a max of 5 ppl per room in each activity which is 45mins long.


When it was our turn , we entered the escape room. This particular theme- A Wrinkle in time- is only a 25mins experience.  Did I mention it’s FREE!!!!  There is a timer on the Tv which puts even more pressure on you to find the clues in such a little amount of time. Sadly we did not solve the puzzle but came really close. It was so much fun to work together to figure where the clues were and how to put them together.

This special themed event is on only until March 10th. You must reserve your spot now before it’s too late! It’s a family friendly event but a max of 5 people in a room at one time. I gotta say it was harder than I thought, but we had so much fun doing it!

Along with the location in Fairview, there are other locations as well where you can reserve and take part in this special theme.

Reserve your spot here– very limited availability!