An Alternative to Tutoring That Actually Works

Has tutoring not yielded the result you expected? This is because traditional, content-based tutoring will not help your child master critical basic skills. It will not:

Help your child learn how to read

Help your child develop language skills

Help your child understand what they read

Help your child express themselves in writing

Help your child catch up in math

Academic and personal success are the foundation on which a child’s future life and personal fulfillment are built. Strategic Learning Clinic takes this fundamental responsibility seriously, and for nearly 32 years they have focused on equipping children with the tools and skills they need to become successful, motivated, and happier students. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your child the proper academic support. The most important thing you can do is act as soon as you notice any potential difficulties. The older your child gets, the harder it becomes to catch them up.

It is time to start preparing for summer. Many families work with the Clinic each summer, as their child is available to do intensive work to catch up in English, French, and math before the next school year begins. The time to plan is now!

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