West Island MomPreneur: Lisa Gertsman of Belle Tropique Natural Skincare

We are so excited to bring you a new feature . We are announcing our new weekly series- West Island MomPreneur. Every week we will feature a local west island mommy that has her own business and lives in the west island. It’s so important to support local and after the year we have had, we need to support our community more than ever. The month of April features, is sponsored by Time Events & Marketing.

We are so excited to introduce you to our fifth MomPreneur : Lisa Gertsman owner of Belle Tropique Natural Skin Care. Belle Tropique natural, organic EcoCert skincare products contain rich exotic butters and oils derived from tropical fruits & botanicals.They deeply hydrate dry skin, comfort mild eczema and revitalize aging skin.

  1. What is the name of your business and what is it about?

My business is called Belle Tropique Natural Skincare, I started it to help my daughters who have sensitive skin and eczema. Even though there are many known brands on the market, I struggled to find natural, effective products that really worked for them! My passion led to developing my own products that are effective, organic, EcoCertified, cruelty-free and Canadian-made.

2. How long have you been an entrepreneur and why did you become one?

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur offering marketing services for over 10 years, Belle Tropique is more recent venture. I started this second business about 18 months ago and it’s growing rapidly. Initially, I became an entrepreneur to continue my career as a marketing professional, while raising my children. Back when I was ready to start my family, we didn’t have work from home options in my profession, the hours were long, plus travel. My latest business was also inspired by my kids, so you can say that they are my “why”, the catalyst that led me into entrepreneurship!

3.What advice would you give to a Mom considering opening their own business?

Each business is unique, it’s kind of like a baby, in that it needs lots of care and attention. This is why I think Moms naturally have what it takes to make them great business owners! I might advise those thinking about starting a new business to try it out as a side-hustle, while working their day job. For those who are sure they’re ready to make the jump into full-time entrepreneurship– from my experience– being a business owner is a 24/7 job on top of all of your other responsibilities. I have found that taking good care of ourselves physically and emotionally helps us to meet the challenge!

4.Seeing we are all about our West Island Community, where are your Go to places?

This is a tough one, because there are so many amazing businesses in the West Island. I encourage everyone to #supportlocal. I really enjoy a break from cooking and want healthy, reasonably priced, delicious food, so my go-tos are 3Soeurs family meals and Jasmine Al Sham family meals!

5. The past year has been a struggle for everyone, what has helped you the most get through it?

It’s been a tough year and I’m so grateful for my wonderful family, we’ve supported one another and the extra time spent together has been very special. Taking long walks in the woods and being outdoors in nature always helps to lift my spirits when I feel overwhelmed or stressed!

6. To wrap up, what are your must have items that you use or need everyday….

As an entrepreneur I need everything at the ready! You can find most of these items on Amazon.

  • To be camera-ready for all the Zoom calls: High intensity LED Clip-on Ring light
  • Fitbit and the App to keep track of my fitness (when I remember to wear it LOL)
  • Aura Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder for Smoothies, it’s sweet and super low cal!
  • Looking great is important to keep us motivated even if we’re stuck at home! My hair style and makeup for this photo were done by an awesome woman-run local business -Salon Vibes on St Jean, you can get some nice hair and skin products there too!
  • And of course, my very own Belle Tropique Vitamin C Serum and Tropical Moisture Facial Cream to keep my skin glowing, moisturized to help me always look my best!

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Social Media and Website:

Website:  http://belletropique.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belletropique_skincare
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/belletropiqueskincare

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