Introducing Avvy Health…

Avvy App brings healthcare services to you at home

Avvy Health started with an idea: If you can order takeout or a taxi to your home with a phone app, why not a routine healthcare service? 

“The pandemic was a big transition for everyone in healthcare,” says Oren Sebag, CEO of Avvy Health and a registered nurse. “Suddenly that routine blood work or EKG appointment—always an inconvenience with long lines at the clinic—seemed hopelessly out of reach. At other times, finding an appointment to get a Covid test felt like winning The Hunger Games.”  

Oren and the founders realized that healthcare delivery needed to change, and fast. The company began work on the Avvy app in January 2021. Apple and Android versions in both French and English launched on the Island of Montreal in February 2022.

The app connects Montrealers to healthcare providers through their mobile devices so they can schedule an appointment and receive care from the comfort of home. It covers both routine services, such as blood tests, ear cleanings, foot care appointments, and flu shots, along with more specialized services, such as prenatal screening and even an innovative blood test for breast cancer (Syantra).

“People love our app because it gives you more time to do more things you love while getting the peace of mind that you’re protecting your health,” says Sebag. “No one wants to lose time waiting in clinics, getting hassled travelling to and from an appointment, or missing out on the important things in life.”

All the nurses and healthcare professionals working with patients through the app have their professional credentials verified and are trained to deliver Avvy services according to the company’s standardized practices using the technology.