West Island MomPreneur: Amanda Barnes of Cremerie Valois

We are so excited to bring you a new feature . We are announcing our new weekly series- West Island MomPreneur. Every week we will feature a local west island mommy that has her own business and lives in the west island. It’s so important to support local and after the year we have had, we need to support our community more than ever. The month of April features, is sponsored by Time Events & Marketing.

We are so excited to introduce you to our eighth MomPreneur : Amanda Barnes of Cremerie Valois a local ice cream parlor located in Pointe Claire.

  1. What is the name of your business and what is it about?

Crèmerie Valois is an ice cream parlor and espresso bar offering quality products and a fun experience. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for kids of all ages. 

Named after the village in which we are located, Crèmerie Valois also focuses on carrying local products and gift items from local artisans.

2. How long have you been an entrepreneur and why did you become one?

After an exciting career as a corporate concierge for business jet customers, I transitioned into hotel management. My personal and professional passion was always in creating a wonderful customer experience, and when the location of our ice cream parlor became vacant my heart told me it was time to take the leap! 21 months later, we are gearing up for our next ice cream season. 

3.What advice would you give to a Mom considering opening their own business?

A dream is a wonderful thing, but you need to remember that entrepreneurship can be 24/7! With dedication and a strong support network, anything is possible. Many moms start businesses to spend more time with their little ones, so finding balance is key. Schedule your time as best as you can. Be 100% in when you’re working and 100% in when you’re with your family. There will be cross-over from time to time, and that’s okay! The one thing I have learned over the last year is to be there for your kids before they grow up too fast. Scale your business on your timeline, not someone else’s.

4.Seeing we are all about our West Island Community, where are your Go to places?

I love the West Island! My favorite places are:

Eatz Chez Vous at Marché de l’Ouest, and Pastamore on Des Sources. They’re perfect for a busy mom on the go.

Pointe-Claire Plaza has everything, including the kindest sales people! 

Valois Park Splash Pad; it brings so much joy to my kiddo. 

Nova Thrift Shops. You’ll see my obsession for depression glass when you come to the shop! 

5. The past year has been a struggle for everyone, what has helped you the most get through it?

As an entrepreneur the first years of business are always the hardest. I simply got a little more than expected because we opened just before the pandemic happened. I have learned to always find the silver lining, and to have a healthy work/life balance. Long-term planning and flexibility have been the key to remaining calm and have given me the drive to push through.

6. To wrap up, what are your must have items that you use or need everyday….

Must-have items in my life are: 

#1 My Team. A brick and mortar requires a full team and our team of 7 is out of this world!

#2 Good shoes; Birkenstocks for home and good running shoes for work. 

#3 A million phone chargers! Okay… maybe 6. I have phone chargers everywhere.

#4 Spotify and a good playlist. I have different playlists to help me focus, to pump me up, etc.

#5 Water Rower. My water rower is super quiet; it allows me to sneak in the early morning or late night workouts without waking anyone. 

#6 FitBit watch. My Fitbit watch allows me to see my texts, phone calls, and alarms while working in the shop.

#7 Tupperware thermos. My son’s lunch is always nice and hot, and it’s the best thermos we’ve ever had.

#8 Waterproof picnic blanket. With this, you can picnic anywhere, any time of year!

#9 Memory foam pillow. I cannot sleep without my memory foam pillow. 

#10 Slippers. My Knitted slippers from my Aunt Karin. I wear them all year. 

Social Media and Website:

Website: www.cremerievalois.com
Instagram: @cremerievalois
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/CremerieValois

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