Why Academie Montessori West Island?

Are you looking for the perfect school for your little one? Academie Montessori West Island offers a warm learning environment for your child. Read all about the amazing offerings below:


  • Great independence and autonomy
  • Children are reading and doing math at an advanced level
  • Children work through the senses  – sensorial method of learning
  • Children are in mixed age groupings to assist in learning and empathy
  • Stability in the “CASA” FOR 3 years..


  • Freedom of choice- all in a fun and creative environment
  • Prepartion of the envorionnment – all the activities are at the children’s level –Teachers prepare the activities daily
  • The Children are introduced to gardening and by growing their own fruits and vegetables, they are educated on the foods that are on their plate.
  • Lunches are prepared daily using produce from their garden that they planted themselves in the chef’s recipes. 

For more information visit their website: http://westislandmontessoriacademy.com/

Or follow them on Instagram (@westislandmontessori) and Facebook.

West Island Montessori Academy

10432 Gouin Bldv, West.

Roxboro, QC

H8Y 1W7

Phone number: 514 684-3733