West Island Montessori Academy

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting  West Island Montessori Academy and to tell you the truth.. I was completely blown away!

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the administration and asked to take off my shoes and clean my hands. 

I was very impressed on how clean, new and modern the school is. 

The classrooms were very big, bright, clean and inviting. The teachers were very welcoming and explained the type of activities the children were working on.  

The children were not distracted by my presence as they were focused on the completion of their activity. 

You would think that I would walk into a loud classroom but it was to my surprise that the children were calm and very focused on the activities and what the teacher had to say. 

While I was discovering the school, I could smell the aromas of the lunch being prepared for the children in the kitchen. I asked to see the kitchen and… let me tell you … the food looked so fresh and it was delicious!!!!!

I highly recommend you consider West Island Montessori Academy for your child’s early education.

For more information visit their website: http://westislandmontessoriacademy.com/

Or follow them on Instagram (@westislandmontessori) and Facebook.

West Island Montessori Academy

10432 Gouin Bldv, West.

Roxboro, QC

H8Y 1W7

Phone number: 514 684-3733